Art & Music Therapy

We now offer services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities of all ages and ability levels.

We currently have an exciting opportunity for you to join our team as a Music Therapist. In this role, you will provide 1:1 intervention services.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is the clinical use of music to accomplish individualized goals and objectives across multiple domains of health including: emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and cognitive skills. It is an evidence-based therapy well-established in the health community.

Music therapy experiences may include listening, singing, playing instruments, or composing music. Musical skills or talents are not required to participate.

60min sessions ($110/session)

Art Therapy

Art therapy, facilitated by a professional art therapist, effectively supports personal and relational treatment goals as well as community concerns. Art therapy is used to improve cognitive and sensorimotor functions, foster self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, promote insight, enhance social skills, reduce and resolve conflicts and distress, and advance societal and ecological change.

60min sessions ($110/session)

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