School of Music

Private Instruction

Each private lesson is 30 minutes per week. Lesson times vary according to each teacher’s schedule. Some instructors have the ability to meet on a different schedule such as one hour every two weeks. Let us know if you have such a need and we will do our best to accommodate you. We currently offer the following private music lessons.

  • Piano
  • Keyboard
  • “Kids on Key” Pre-School Piano Course
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Ukelele
  • Violin/Viola/Cello
  • Drums/Percussion
  • Voice

Group Instruction

Kids on Key (Pre-school group piano and music)

This is a fun and unique 45 minute group program developed by Diane Manzoni for the energetic preschool student ages 3-5. It has a proven track record of helping children learn basic fundamentals of music theory and performance. Age appropriate activities entice students to learn piano and music basics through group and individual piano playing, singing, rhythm instruments, and movement activities.

Songwriting and Vocal Performance

A program designed for students ages 5 – 12, one hour each week focusing on learning multiple aspects of vocal performance, some of which include : vocal projection, breath control, harmony & stage presence. The group will perform a selection of mastered songs.

Students learn how to compose music of various genre’s through the development of lyrics as well as other aspects of
songwriting such as: the development of melodies, chord progressions and arranging. Emphasis is on guiding the young songwriter towards their expression of musical ideas in written form while learning musical notation, rhythm, melody, harmony and tone color. Songwriters will be encouraged to complete and submit songs for FAC Recording Studio production.

Band Jam

All instruments and vocals are invited to participate in group rehearsals for over an hour each week. Instructors from various disciplines rotate weekly to advise students as they collaborate to rehearse music from various genres. The group will prepare to perform publicly to showcase their individual as well as group talent. When a song is performance-ready, students will have an opportunity to record the song with a sound engineer in our professional recording studio on-site, Studio413.

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