School of Art

Private Instruction

(Please call for specific class dates and times)

Art for beginners (pre-school – 5th grade)

This 30 minute class offers beginners an introduction to basic art concepts while having a teacher one-on-one. Students will learn about drawing, painting, and other various techniques. Each week, they will have the opportunity to practice their newly learned skills by creating artwork to bring home and share with family and friends.

Art for beginners and intermediate (middle school age)

This 30-45 minute individual class allows the beginner through intermediate student an opportunity to explore putting ideas and subjects on paper or canvas. Students will learn about drawing, painting, and other various techniques and multimedia. Each student will have the opportunity to build on any skills at their own pace.

Art for beginners through advanced (high school age and adults)

This 30-45 minute class will help beginner through advanced students build on any knowledge and skills previously acquired. They will be taught to quickly learn how to record their impressions of an image, idea, or principle through sketching and shading which aids in the development of detailed, large-scale paintings. Participants will expand their knowledge of perspective, color wheel, and many forms of mixed media including drawing, painting, portraiture , landscape, watercolor, etc.

Group Instruction

(Please call for specific class dates and times)

All private instruction art classes are available as a group class. We keep the class size small so that students will have maximum instruction and participation while having the added benefit of learning from fellow art students in the group. Students will learn basic through advanced (according to their individual skill level) art concepts using mixed media for their creative works of art as they build on the skills they learn in class. Students will also have the ability to collaborate on projects as desired by the group. Class length varies based on age, skill level, etc.


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