IMPORTANT INFORMATION TUITION  I have read the tuition schedule for the above referenced year and I accept my responsibility for payments (tuition is a yearly fee which is divided into equal installments for your convenience).  It is not a true monthly payment.  Your child will not have lessons the same number of days each month.  There is no refund on a missed class.  (Holidays are not a missed class).  A 30 day written notice must be given to the administration when a student wishes to discontinue the program, withdraw or take a break.

Payments may be left in the office door by Cash – Check or Credit Card (3%) fee).  You have the option to choose Autopay from your credit/debit card.  Any check returned as NSF will have a $30.00 fee added to your account and payment on the NSF will need to be cash.  If we receive two NSF check, future payments will be cash or credit card only.  Tuition is due on the 28th of the month prior to the upcoming month.  Payments received AFTER the FIRST of the month will be considered late, and a fee of $10.00/week will be automatically applied to your account.

**PHOTOGRAPHY RELEASE   I give permission for Fine Arts Connection to use photos taken of my child either at performances or in class on the Fine Arts Connection website, FAC Facebook or for marketing materials.  No names will be used. 

***WITHDRAWALS. All withdrawals/breaks or discontinuation of program must be in writing 30 days prior to the first of that  month to the office- NOT Teacher or Phone Call or tuition will be charged to your account.  

****Release.  I understand that my child may be participating in an active program including possible exposure to COVID and I accept the risks involved. We require all participants to sanitize hands and stay home if sick or have been exposed to illness. Fine Arts Connection does not carry medical insurance for students.  It is required that all students be covered by their own family insurance policies and if injury or exposure occurs, it is understood that the students own policy is the only source of parent’s reimbursement